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Drug Epidemic

Heroin Addiction Recovery Rate

Arguably the most addictive illicit drug available, heroin abuse has been on the rise of late. A significant reason for this has been the ongoing opioid epidemic that has driven people to look for cheaper and more accessible substances to address their dependency. Addiction is a challenging disease. When it takes the form of heroin […]

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Commonly Abused Drugs in the City of Chicago

Addiction is a big problem in Chicago. Thousands of people struggle with a substance abuse disorder every year. Treatment options are available in Chicago, but many people delay or refuse to get the help they need despite the negative consequences of their substance abuse.

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3 Ways To Help Prevent Prescription Drug Addiction

Using prescription drugs is necessary even if they carry the risk of addiction. It’s important to carefully monitor use for those who need to use these drugs to control anxiety, pain, or depression. Opioids like Percocet, for example, can be necessary to allow pain relief, but too much or using them for too long can lead to the need for addiction treatment.

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Signs of Meth Abuse

Methamphetamine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant that creates energizing effects that can last for more than 8 hours, which means many of the signs of meth abuse involve sleep deprivation and mood and personality changes. As dramatized on the TV show Breaking Bad, meth is a commonly produced and trafficked addictive drug.

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Symptoms of Vicodin Abuse

Vicodin is a prescription pain reliever that doctors use to treat moderate to severe pain. Although it is effective at providing pain relief, Vicodin can also be highly addictive. As such, it is not unusual for a user to develop a long-term addiction to the drug. Addiction is not always easy to identify, as a person can mask symptoms of Vicodin abuse.

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Prescription Drugs Definition

Substance abuse disorders are common in the United States. Americans regularly abuse and misuse prescription drugs. In fact, 18 million Americans misuse prescription drugs annually. The prescription drugs definition isn’t complex: prescription medications include all substances that can legally be administered and prescribed by your doctor. Unfortunately, prescription drugs, like illicit substances, carry the risk of abuse and dependency.

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