Role of Oxycodone in the Opioid Epidemic

What is the role of oxycodone in the Opioid Epidemic? Illinois, like all other states, is dealing with an opioid epidemic. From legal prescriptions to bootlegged supplies, opioids have overtaken U.S. society. Every community in the Land of Lincoln has suffered from opioid abuse and addiction. Thankfully, an opioid addiction treatment center Northern Il. residents can trust now is open. Instead of succumbing to opioid addiction, victims and their families can take control of their lives and resume normal living.

Commonly Prescribed Opioids

During the 1990s, opioids were viewed as a viable solution to highly addictive pain medications and illegal drugs, like heroin. Drug companies assured doctors they could prescribe opioids without concern their patients might develop an addiction to the pain medication. That led to runaway drug dependency and addiction among patients from virtually all walks of life. Some of the opioids most commonly prescribed and abused opioids include:

Fentanyl and heroin are street-level opioid drugs that cause a lot of death and misery in parts across the nation. From urban centers to rural communities, virtually no part of U.S. society has escaped the epidemic. Even the very famous and very wealthy, like Prince and Rush Limbaugh, have succumbed to the addictive lure of opioids. Prince, unfortunately, died after taking an opioid laced with fentanyl. Limbaugh eventually beat his addiction, but that required rehabilitation services.

Oxycodone Takes Control

Just a couple decades ago, most people were strangers to opioids and their addictive nature. Then, OxyContin came along and changed the landscape. The time-release pills became a favorite among addicts, who learned they could crush the pills and either inject or snort the substance for a strong high. With the time-release potential overcome by rapid ingestion, OxyContin became the drug of choice in many communities – rich and poor. OxyContin is a name-brand for oxycodone, and proved much more addicting than hydrocodone and other pain medications before it.

National Epidemic Becomes a Crisis

With oxycodone suddenly overwhelming the nation, the opioid epidemic grew to the current crisis level across the nation. No matter how you were, the lure of oxycodone was strong. Worse, it was readily available via unscrupulous doctors and street-level criminals. The big lesson is – No one is too big, too rich, or too well-known to suffer from opioid addiction. Oxycodone has been a particularly troublesome drug, and communities across the nation are reeling from its ill effects. Many states and local communities have filed successful lawsuits against the makers of oxycodone and other addictive opioid drugs. Doctors are going to prison for decades, and pharmaceutical companies are paying billions of dollars to settle lawsuits. Yet, addiction remains a very real problem for many families in Illinois and across the nation.

Find Help with Opioid Addiction

Don’t let opioid addiction get the better of your life and those you love. If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, help is available. Please feel free to call us toll-free at 855.786.1978 and learn more about the effective solutions we provide. Opioid addiction is pervasive in the United States, but so are good people willing to help and heal others. It takes only a few moments to place a call for help. The benefits of doing so could last a lifetime.