If you have put off addiction treatment due to worry over your insurance verification status, then you’re not alone in that regard. Financial costs also prevent many other people from considering entering treatment. However, you can get addiction treatment insurance verification fairly quickly with Northern Illinois Recovery Center. You could also have access to coverage options you were completely unaware of. Of course, there’s only one way to find out!

How Can I Get Insurance Verification?

Man on phone getting insurance verificationImportantly, insurance coverage can be a useful way to mitigate as well as potentially cover the cost of addiction treatment programs as well as detox. This does not only relieve a financial burden but allows clients the ability to focus on their treatment. Worry over money can also be incredibly distracting and people need that focus the most for addiction treatment. For this reason, it is important to verify your insurance coverage when looking into rehabs.

What Does Insurance Cover?

You can also fill out our insurance verification form to find out more about the coverage available to you. Once you’ve got your rehab insurance verification you’ll want to arm yourself with knowledge about the programs and therapies that we offer. For example, some of the more popular programs at the Northern Illinois Recovery Center include:

Each of these programs is made available to every client of ours and therefore may be covered by your insurer. Of course, this is why it’s important to verify your insurance.

Verify Your insurance to Understand Your Options

For many people, having insurance coverage can be the reason they are then able to receive treatment. Therefore, Northern Illinois Recovery Center works hard to expedite insurance verification so that you can begin the admissions process as quickly as possible.

Of course, at Northern Illinois Recovery Center, our experts will build you a customized treatment regimen from our addiction therapy services. One which takes into account your specific preferences then builds a plan around them. In doing so, we consider your addiction, mental health, insurance, and personal needs. Our programs are therefore able to return you to a happy, healthy life of sobriety.

The journey to a happier and healthier life begins when our admissions specialists verify your insurance. Call us today at 855.786.1978 to speak with our staff!