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About Northern Illinois Recovery

about Northern Illinois Recovery CenterNorthern Illinois Recovery Center is a truly unique treatment facility. What began as an impromptu gathering of like-minded, sober individuals has evolved into a growing community of addiction specialists and people in recovery. After going from meeting in an empty warehouse to operating a legitimate treatment facility, Northern Illinois Recovery Center certainly understands the process of transformation. We want to help you make a positive transformation of your own!

About Northern Illinois Recovery Center

Located not far outside of Chicago, we provide services to a large portion of the surrounding counties as well as the city itself. Founded by those in recovery themselves, Northern Illinois Recovery Center fully understands the struggles clients go through on their journeys. From detox to recovery, our highly trained staff accompanies you along each step, providing unmatched care and support. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center proudly supports the LGBTQ+ community and is accepting of all gender identities in our levels of care as part of our commitment to make treatment accessible to all members of the Chicagoland area who are in need.

Northern Illinois Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Programs

Our ultimate goal is to get each client back to living happy, fulfilled lives. The outpatient treatment options we provide support this goal. We do not wish to remove patients from their family and friends without cause. They can be valuable resources which offer patients vital support and comfort during what will be incredibly difficult times. Therefore, the ideal evidence-based addiction treatment center Northern IL offers will typically be an outpatient one. Outpatient program options at Northern Illinois Recovery Center include:

After making it through the withdrawal process many clients will then need to enroll in a partial hospitalization program. People struggling with addiction are typically their own worst enemies and highly susceptible to relapse after detox. A partial hospitalization program allows you to focus on your sobriety by shutting you off from outside triggers. Northern Illinois Recovery center provides clients with a secure environment needed for recovery.

Following a partial hospitalization program, clients will then move on to an outpatient treatment program. Outpatient programs are useful for helping patients to transition back into their lives in a controlled manner. Intensive outpatient options are also available for those who need slightly more structured therapy regimens and aren’t ready for an abundance of personal freedom. Sober living homes, on the other hand, offer significant independence to clients. They allow you to lead a fairly normal life while maintaining access to vital support structures.

One thing that is different about Northern Illinois Recovery center is our adaptability. We have seen and treated nearly every form of substance abuse and can provide addiction therapy services for any particular substance you may require. Reach out to learn more about how their programs can help you.

High Quality, Affordable Treatment

Northern Illinois Recovery Center’s focus is on getting positive results. We devote our resources to producing effective treatment programs. Our staff is considered industry leaders in the field of addiction, and their innovation and determination are evident to each and every client.

As the best evidence-based addiction treatment center Northern IL offers, we also strive to keep recovery affordable for our clients. No one should end up forgoing addiction treatment due to financial restrictions. In order to achieve this, we keep costs down and work with most major insurers to find payments that can work for everyone. Be sure to check if your treatment is covered.

What Clients Love About Northern Illinois Recovery Center

At Northern Illinois Recovery Center, we take a no-nonsense approach to addiction treatment. This means that your time is not wasted on “new age” pseudosciences or theoretical practices. As the best evidence-based addiction treatment center Northern IL offers, we employ only tested and proven treatment modalities. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, we match clients with therapy options that suit their needs and address their issues. In fact, one of our client’s favorite things about Northern Illinois Recovery Center is our hard-working yet down-to-earth attitude.

Experience the difference for yourself. Call 855.786.1978 today to enroll in the best evidence-based addiction treatment center Northern IL offers!

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Get Help For Your Addiction at Northern Illinois Recovery

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction of any kind, whether it be a substance addiction or a behavioral addiction, contact us today.

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