Bipolar disorder is a psychological condition that comes with a wide range of symptoms, such as mood changes, destructive behavior, and uncontrollable energy. If you have bipolar disorder, you may experience extreme highs and lows which can last for long periods. Some of these symptoms can get worse as you get older, which is why you may need to find bipolar disorder treatment programs.

Two of the risks that are associated with bipolar disorder are suicide and substance abuse or addiction. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with bipolar, you should seek professional help from medication assisted treatment programs. Northern Illinois Recovery Center can help you overcome your addiction and get you on the path to recovery with our Northern IL bipolar treatment programs.

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At Northern Illinois Recovery Center, we do more than just address your addiction. We look at the cause of your addiction and how you got to this point. We then provide treatment for both your addiction and your bipolar disorder. This type of treatment is known as dual diagnosis treatment.

Through dual diagnosis treatment, we can help you see the connection between your bipolar disorder symptoms and your addiction. For instance, when you are feeling extremely high or low, you may turn to alcohol. Your high may be a euphoria that gives you a false sense of confidence. Your low may be a form of depression. In either case, you may turn to alcohol to cope with how you are feeling.

Likewise, when you take drugs or alcohol, you could make the symptoms of your bipolar disorder even worse. Alcohol or drugs can magnify your depression, anxiety, or euphoria. It can also make your mood swings even worse. The bottom line is that alcohol or drugs will not make your bipolar disorder better, it will only make it worse. You will need to find a Northern IL treatment program for bipolar disorder to get help.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Programs We Offer

In addition to dual diagnosis treatment, Northern Illinois Recovery Center also offers bipolar disorder treatment programs in Northern IL, such as:

For all of these treatment programs for bipolar disorder in Northern IL, once you schedule a consultation with one of our therapists, we can assess your needs based on your bipolar disorder symptoms and your specific addiction. Our assessment can help you decide what type of treatment is best for you.

Why You Should Consider Treatment

Bipolar disorder requires professional treatment from a licensed therapist. Trying to handle the disorder on your own often leads to a misguided sense of success while not actually addressing the underlying problems.

Therefore, even if you think that you have a handle on your bipolar disorder, your symptoms will always reoccur and cause issues to arise. This is especially true if you are trying to manage your bipolar disorder and an addiction at the same time. A medication assisted treatment program may be what you need to ensure that you get the help you need.

Start Your Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Today

You do not have to battle your addiction and your mental health condition on your own. You get the treatment and support you need at Northern Illinois Recovery Center. Our trained specialists are here to help you with every aspect of your recovery through every stage of treatment.

To find out more about our bipolar disorder treatment programs, call us today at 855.786.1978. You can meet with a licensed specialist and get started with your treatment.