Finding the right treatment center to address substance abuse issues can be hard. If you or a loved one decide it is time to receive professional help for a substance abuse or addiction issue, finding a rehab that offers the programs you need and accepts your insurance can be difficult.

Aetna Rehab Insurance

Man is pleased with his Aetna drug rehab coverage One of the many benefits of entering a rehab center for substance abuse treatment is that the rehab is able to directly take care of your insurance coverage, such as Aetna rehab insurance.

If you have Aetna rehab insurance or another medical insurance policy, it is essential to know that your insurance provider is required under the Affordable Care Act to provide coverage for addiction and substance abuse treatment. Plans like Aetna rehab insurance offer different levels of coverage; meaning that connecting quickly with an experienced rehab is the best way to learn about what services you receive coverage for.

Aetna rehab insurance covers many types of addiction treatment, but they may work with certain providers or treatment centers. Rehabs know what insurance they accept, so the more time-saving manner to figure out which treatment center and program is covered by your policy is to contact rehabs directly. Since each health insurance plan is unique, working with a treatment center makes it easier to understand what services will be fully and partially covered. This way you are able to understand your out of pocket costs.

About Aetna Rehab Insurance

Revisions to health insurance laws occurred when the Affordable Care Act was passed. Part of the revisions included requiring health insurance companies to cover addiction treatment. Aetna rehab insurance will cover addiction treatments, but it may only work with certain providers.

Additionally, Aetna is one of the largest health insurance providers and has an extensive network of providers. Aetna rehab insurance in Illinois provides you with options for treatment, giving you the freedom to work with providers to arrange care.

The Benefits of Rehab

Some people are able to recover from substance abuse and addiction issues without treatment. For others, rehabs provide a safe environment that improves chances for long term abstinence. Besides providing evidence-based treatment and therapy, rehabs also:

  • Help monitor physical or mental health disorders you may have
  • Provide medication management services
  • Offer a controlled, safe and structured environment
  • Provide access to social services and caseworkers
  • Help arrange follow up treatment after you are discharged
  • Help connect you to community supports

Rehabs also ensure that you safely detox from your substance of choice under the supervision of trained medical professionals. Access to medical professionals can help prevent complications from detox which, in rare cases, can be fatal. Rehabs offer time for you to solely focus on your needs and recovery, freeing you from potential distractions.

In addition to medical treatment, rehabs help you improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Most rehabs retain nutritionists who ensure your meals are healthy, which helps improve your body’s ability to recover from addiction. Rehabs and treatment centers also include your family, friends, and loved ones in your treatment; and can offer additional services such as marital counseling and family therapy.

Make Addiction Treatment Affordable

Rehabs drastically improve you or your loved one’s chances of sustaining long term sobriety and help support you during your early stages of recovery. Inpatient and outpatient programs offer you an opportunity to create a strong support network during recovery and can provide personalized treatment.

A few other programs offered by Northern Illinois Recovery Center are:

Aetna rehab insurance and other policies can help make the best addiction treatment affordable while you work on your recovery, making excessive bills one less thing you need to worry about. The first step towards your journey of recovery starts with reaching out for help. If you or a loved one would like to learn more about our addiction treatment programs, call us today at 855.234.5672