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Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers a variety of addiction therapy services for patients including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, Dual Diagnosis Therapy, and many other methods of addiction therapy. Located outside of Chicago, Northern Illinois Recovery Center serves both Chicago and its surrounding counties.

Focusing on evidence-based treatments, we strive to offer the most effective therapy options to suit our patients. We aren’t the only ones excited about our treatment abilities and recovery center. Check out our featured articles and listen to our podcasts to see what people have to say about Northern Illinois Recovery Center!

Getting help is just a phone call away. Contact us and see what others have to say about our incredible staff and facilities 855.786.1978.

Northern Illinois Recovery Center Opens Doors With a Crystal Lake Chamber Ribbon Cutting

Former addict shares his story, how he turned his life around and how he is helping others

McHenry County welcomes new rehab facility

Recovering addicts say coronavirus creates new challenge to stay sober

Substance abuse recovery providers continue to offer services amid COVID-19 shutdown

Northern Illinois Recovery Center Press Releases

Northern Illinois Recovery

Northern Illinois Recovery Announces Appointment of Nick Howell as Executive Director

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