While spending time at a facility may be the most important part of your initial treatment for addiction, what happens after you complete your 30- to 90-day program? Addiction aftercare programs allow you to continue your treatment long after you leave the facility. Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers an array of addiction aftercare programs in Northern IL that center around long-term recovery so that you do not relapse.

Our Northern IL Addiction Treatment Center includes sober living arrangements, follow-up therapy, and support groups that strengthen your resolve to stay clean. We also have a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Northern IL. We provide the tools you need for long-term recovery. In short, we are here to help you break the cycle of addiction.

Sober Living Program

A sober living program provides a smooth transition between inpatient recovery and going home. It is an addiction recovery option that allows you to stay in a facility but gives you more freedom and responsibility as you demonstrate that you can stay clean. The structured sober living program at Northern Illinois Recovery Center, which is one of our addiction aftercare programs, offers this transitional treatment.

Here you can remain sober while abiding by a few certain guidelines. You must also agree to participate in certain experiences and activities. When you first start the program, the rules will be strict. However, they will lessen the longer you stay clean. While this may seem like a rigid way to start your sobriety, you will find that our environment is quite encouraging and supportive.

Ongoing Therapy and Counseling

Part of your Northern IL addiction aftercare programs may also include ongoing therapy and counseling. Your counseling sessions may be shorter, with fewer meetings with your therapist per week or month. However, reconnecting with your therapist on a regular basis can give you the professional support you need.

Counseling offers further insights about your addiction and opportunities to continue professional treatment as you struggle with cravings or temptations that may come your way. Your counseling sessions will gradually become fewer and fewer as you demonstrate a long-term commitment to being clean.

Types of therapy or counseling that we offer include:group therapy at an addiction aftercare programs

Our Northern IL addiction treatment center provides a variety of treatments, including addiction aftercare programs, so that you have options. As your counseling continues, you may be able to explore more than one type of therapy, as some therapies are short-term.

Support Groups

Support groups are a staple of aftercare programs. The best thing about a support group is that they can continue indefinitely. Your initial treatment or counseling may come to an end, but you can meet with your support group any time you want.

Although many support groups follow the 12-step program, some provide alternatives through experiential therapy or holistic activities. Northern Illinois Recovery Center can help you find a support group that meets your needs and keeps you motivated to stay strong.

Learn About Addiction Aftercare Programs

If you would like to learn more about addiction aftercare programs, contact Northern Illinois Recovery Center. Our drug and alcohol detox center in Northern IL can help you with alcohol or drug addiction. To find out more about our programs, facilities, and staff, call us at 855.786.1978. You can start your treatment today.