Oxycodone Addiction Rehab Center

Oxycodone is a painkiller and a high risk for addiction and dependence. Millions of people in the U.S. have an addiction to Oxycodone or a similar opioid. If you are addicted to Oxycodone, you can get help at an Oxycodone addiction rehab center. Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers a prescription drug addiction treatment program to support those struggling with a substance use disorder. It’s a powerful opiate medication that is used commonly for the treatment of chronic pain or postsurgical pain. 

Our program combines evidence-based treatment with a holistic therapy program to help you with both your addiction to Oxycodone and address any mental health issues you may be suffering from. You can also engage in both individual and group therapy so that you can get the support you need to recover. No matter how intense your addiction is, you can find hope at an Oxycodone addiction treatment program.

What is Oxycontin?

Oxycontin is an extended release version for Oxycodone, which is a narcotic drug. Oxycodone is also the main ingredient in numerous other medications such as Percocet. 

All of the opiate drugs derive from opium, which is actually extracted from the poppy plant, or they present to be synthetic copies of substances in poppy plants. Like many other opiate drugs, Oxycodone is an opiate agonist that attaches readily to an individual’s neurons in their brain. These particular neurons are specialized in being involved in the natural suppression process of the following:

  • Exertion 
  • Stress 
  • Pain 

These drugs are exceptionally high in the development of physical dependence and high potential for abuse. 

The DEA classified Oxycotion along with other narcotic medications as Schedule II controlled substances. These particular substances are regulated highly and can be only legally obtained by having a prescription and a physician. Additionally, due to several issues with narcotic medication abuse, the federal government began the process of monitoring the distribution process for this particular drug more firmly, than it monitors Schedule II substances distribution.

Regardless of the extra paid attention to this particular set of drugs, opiate drug abuse still poses a major concern and problem among the following groups:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Medical personnel 
  • Politicians
  • Citizens

Why is Oxycodone So Addictive?

Anyone who has ever gotten hooked on painkillers can tell you that dependency doesn’t happen overnight. Several weeks or months can go by before you realize that you can no longer get through the day without Oxycodone. How does this happen? After all, isn’t Oxycodone a prescription drug?

Oxycodone is an opioid that produces a euphoric feeling in your brain when you take it for the first time. After you take the medication several times, your brain starts to crave that euphoric feeling over and over again. Eventually, dependency forms, and you want to continue taking Oxycodone. Furthermore, you want to increase the dosage because the effects start wearing off. This is how addiction occurs and addiction can last for several months or years.

Symptoms of Oxycodone Addiction

There is a stigma surrounding prescription drugs that differs from illicit drugs such as cocaine or marijuana. Many people feel that because a doctor prescribes a drug that it must be harmless. However, millions of people every year suffer from addiction to opioid drugs such as Oxycodone.

Many of the symptoms of addiction do not rear their ugly head until you wake up one day and wonder what happened. The most common symptoms of Oxycodone addiction include:

  • Obsession with the drug, can’t get enough
  • Continual use and increase in dosage
  • Willingness to get Oxycodone anywhere you can find it
  • Multiple failed attempts to quit taking the drug
  • Denial that you have a problem when everyone around you thinks you do
  • Ignoring psychological or physical problems that occur

While no single symptom indicates that you are addicted to Oxycodone, a combination of two or more symptoms should cause you to be alarmed. If you think that you may be addicted to Oxycodone, then you should seek help at an Oxycodone addiction rehab center in Northern IL.

What is Opiate Use Disorder?

In order to understand what an opiate use disorder is, a substance use disorder must be broken down. A substance use disorder represents a mental health disorder that is rather severe and and happens when a person engages in the use of the following:

  • Illicit substance
  • Medicine 
  • Drugs

The term substance use disorder is one of the preferred clinical terms of what was previously referred to which is substance dependence addiction or substance abuse. For this reason, addictive behavior research indicated several different possibilities. When individuals develop a substance use disorder or SUD as a result of engaging in narcotic drugs such as Oxycontin are classified with an opiate use disorder. 

Treatment at an Oxycodone Addiction Rehab Center

Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers comprehensive treatment for addiction to Oxycodone. Some of our most effective treatment programs include:

You can participate in a broad range of treatments, therapies, and activities. Our goal is to help you develop the right treatment program that leads to long-term success and relapse prevention. Our dual diagnosis approach will address both your addiction and any mental health disorders you may have.

It’s Never Too Late to End Addiction. Call Us Today

Regardless of how long you have been dependent on painkillers, it is never too late to end the cycle of addiction. The oxycodone addiction rehab center at Northern Illinois Recovery Center is here to help you get clean and stay clean for good. Call us today to find out more about your treatment options.