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Drug Withdrawal

Coping with Aches and Pains During Drug Withdrawal

Withdrawing from drugs can be a daunting and painful experience. When people withdraw and detox from drugs, it can create a myriad of side effects. Body aches during detox are common, often affecting mobility. They result from the body eliminating toxins and can be managed with hydration, rest, and professional medical guidance.

Recognizing Signs of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a type of opiate drug that causes a euphoric high. This drug is highly addictive in that it creates changes to the brain’s chemistry by triggering the pleasure center in the brain. Addiction occurs when cravings and withdrawal symptoms are present, but overdose is sometimes one of the first signs in some people. …

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Heroin Side Effects

Heroin is a chemical variation of pain killer medications. It shares several similarities with other opioid drugs, including morphine. However, where some pain killer medications are derived naturally from the poppy seed (which produces opium), heroin is chemically produced. Due to the added chemicals, it can have more extreme side effects than plant-based drugs.

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