Oxycontin Addiction Rehab Center

Oxycontin is the brand name for a drug called oxycodone. Oxycodone is opioid-based medication physicians prescribe to treat pain. This drug can be highly habit-forming for some people, especially when taken for long periods of time or in high doses. If you have developed a substance use disorder that involves the drug Oxycontin, Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers a life-changing opiate addiction rehab center in Northern IL. We help local residents and those who live in the surrounding areas, including McHenry, Lake, Cane, and Page Counties.

What You Need to Know About Oxycontin

Oxycontin is a drug that should never be used without medical supervision. You should never take this drug unless your physician has prescribed it. Taking someone else’s prescription opioid is not only illegal, but it can also do serious harm.

Oxycontin, like other opioids, makes chemical changes in your brain. It affects your brain’s center that controls pain and pleasure. This helps alleviate severe pain, such as that of end-stage cancer. It also slows down your respiration and breathing to help you relax and feel better. When taken other than directed, accidental overdose can result.

Over time, your body builds up a tolerance to Oxycontin. This means you have to take higher and higher dosages to get the same result. At the wrong dosage, Oxycontin can suppress your respiratory system completely. Your heart can stop beating. This reason, alone, is enough to consider an Oxycontin addiction rehab center in Northern Illinois.

The Opioid Crisis in America

You may have heard about America’s opioid epidemic. It’s called an epidemic, in part, because there are still at least 130 people who die of opioid complications every day in this country, many from accidental overdoses. The medical community is working to help staunch the flow of new opioid prescriptions. But much of the damage has already occurred. Sadly, there are still physicians who write opioid prescriptions for pain, when other, less dangerous drugs would do.

If you’re using Oxycontin or any other opioid drug in a way other than it was prescribed for you, now is the time to seek help from an Oxycontin addiction rehab center such as the Northern Illinois Recovery Center.

About Our Oxycontin Addiction Rehab Center in Northern Illinois

The Northern Illinois Recovery Center is located away from the crowded hubbub and bustle of Chicago, in suburban Crystal Lake. Situated in a peaceful, friendly community that offers plenty of grass, trees, and green spaces, we’ve created a cozy oasis for recovery to take place.

When you choose treatment at the Northern Illinois Recovery Center, you’ll have access to the best evidence-based therapies available for substance use disorder, including:

We offer assistance through a 12-step program to recovery, with a focus on outpatient care. We want to get you back to your regular routine as quickly as possible, but we offer other recovery options as well. Partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care, and sober living are all important facets of our Illinois addiction treatment center. You can have peace of mind knowing that the approach we take to your recovery has been tailored specifically to meet your individual needs.

When you’re ready to seek treatment for Oxycontin dependency, or for any other substance use disorder, the Northern Illinois Recovery Center stands ready to help. We’ll lay the groundwork for a sober foundation and help you build a better, drug-free tomorrow. Give us a call today for more information about our Oxycontin addiction rehab center in Northern Illinois.