How to Stay Holistic After Treatment

Those who choose a holistic recovery option are placing focus on their overall well-being while simultaneously treating the physical symptoms of addiction. This type of wellness approach brings your body, mind, and spirit into alignment. That leads many to wonder how to continue this holistic approach after treatment concludes.

About Holistic Addiction Treatment

People start using substances for many reasons, including self-medicating for pain or to numb emotions they aren’t prepared to deal with. If you’re struggling with addiction, you might not know which area of your body you’re trying to self-medicate.

That’s where holistic addiction treatment is beneficial. This approach focuses on improving and maintaining three areas of your health. Those areas are your body, mind, and spiritual health. In doing so, there’s a better chance of targeting problem areas, recovering, and maintaining your recovery.

Staying Holistic Following Addiction Treatment

There is a wide variety of holistic treatments you can choose from, ranging from exercise to meditation. Even though you’re undergoing these therapies while in treatment, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue practicing them during aftercare. Here are examples of therapies:

  • Acupuncture and massage: Acupuncture is often part of a holistic wellness plan because it helps restore your balance to your body after using substances for a long timeframe. Massage is also part of this because it relaxes your body and relieves stress.
  • Exercise therapy: Participating in daily exercise routines helps develop positive habits, strengthen your body, and relieve stress. Some examples of exercises include canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, and rock-climbing.
  • Meditation: You must have a clear mind to overcome your addiction. An important part of holistic treatment and aftercare is guided meditation. Tai Chi and Yoga therapy are both excellent meditative practices you can use to clear your mind during and after treatment.
  • Nutritional therapy: A key aspect of achieving and maintaining sobriety is attaining a healthy body. You’ll experience tangible healing when you focus on proper nutrition when overcoming and maintaining a substance use disorder.

The Benefits of Holistic Treatment Programs

Holistic treatment programs are beneficial during and after achieving sobriety. Taking a holistic approach to your recovery and overall wellness means you’ll have access to therapists and trained staff. One difference between a holistic treatment center and a traditional rehabilitation program is that they might not use medications during detox.

However, like a traditional rehabilitation center, you have access to individual and group therapies. Here are some additional benefits:

  • All-natural and organic meal plans help improve your physical health and address any deficiencies in nutrition resulting from addiction.
  • Participating in daily physical activities, including biking or swimming, to help build and maintain your body’s strength.
  • Meditation exercises and sessions help you continue to achieve and maintain mental clarity.
  • Participating in alternative forms of therapy, including animal-assisted therapy, art, and music.

The Benefits of Staying Holistic After Treatment

As you go through your treatment program, you’re working hard to achieve overall wellness using holistic approaches. That commitment and focus mean your body is receiving the proper nutrition while regaining strength and mental clarity.

There are several benefits of staying holistic after treatment. These benefits extend beyond that of maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routines. The treatment program you’re participating in discusses your wants and needs after you achieve sobriety. Then, they take that discussion and use it to create aftercare goals and strategies.

For example, if you participated in a residential program, the staff might recommend you step down into an intensive outpatient program. Using these recommendations to continue a holistic approach is beneficial because:

  • You’re less likely to lose the skills or break habits that developed throughout your program.
  • There’s a greater chance of you continuing to participate in body strengthening and mind clarity therapies.
  • It’s easier for you to surround yourself with like-minded individuals with the same wellness goals.
  • On-going support in an aftercare program helps ensure that you maintain a successful recovery long-term.

Contact Northern Illinois Recovery Center for Holistic Treatment

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