How to Ask Your Loved Ones to Participate in Family Therapy

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help communication and strengthen or repair relationships. The therapy can help in conflict resolution among the family members. The first step in getting this therapy would be to convince members to attend the sessions. But this is not as easy as it sounds. You may face resistance from some members who have a different opinion about therapy or the issues individuals are facing. The key in this situation is to identify ways of approaching members in the most pragmatic way possible. Northern Illinois Recovery Center can provide tips on how to convince your loved ones to participate in therapies.

How to Get Your Family Members to Participate in Family Therapy

Getting your family members to participate in therapy is a stepwise process. The process requires that you be patient and ready for any resistance. Do not approach this subject as an authoritarian. Try as much as possible to listen to the member’s views. You can follow some of the steps below, including:

  • Hold a Family Talk: Organize a family talks to discuss how you can solve your issues collectively. In this meeting, try as much as possible to get each member to propose their views. This will make them feel involved in the entire process.
  • Propose Counselling: The whole point of organizing the meeting is to agree on counseling as a solution. Various counseling programs are available. For instance, there are group counseling programs that you can attend. But since you are a family, it would be better to seek the services of a family therapist.
  • Focus on Solutions: Family members will embrace the idea of therapy if you explain how it will be beneficial. You have to stress the practical element of the therapy and how it will fix your issues. You can point out that the therapy will improve your communication skills. The improvement can help you to address conflicts soberly.
  • Explore Alternatives: Members of the family may have different alternatives. They may be skeptical about the effectiveness of therapy. Listen to their alternatives. If they are more viable, you can consider them. In such cases, you still have the option of attending individual therapy programs alongside the proposed alternative.
  • Find a Suitable Facility: If all of you agree to family therapy, you need to find a facility that will accommodate each person’s needs. You can look for these facilities as a group instead of an individual basis.
  • Participate Fully: Your full participation and that of other family members are the key determinants to the success of this therapy. Expect to learn a lot about the members. Expect that they will learn a lot about you too. Prepare for both bitter and sweet moments.

Recovery Programs at Northern Illinois Recovery Center

The recovery center has several therapies that can benefit you either individually or as a group. We have partnered with insurance coverage services to ensure you get the services at the most affordable rate.

Some of these programs and treatment approaches include:

  • Family therapy program: This program will help you to resolve underlying conflict with your family members. It will improve the quality of relationships among the members.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy: You may notice that substance addiction is the main cause of your broken relationships. This therapy will help you learn how to resolve issues smoothly and reconnect with others.
  • Holistic treatment approach: This approach combines the use of medication and therapies to help patients. It will improve all aspects of your life.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy program: The therapy will identify and correct the behavior that strains a person’s relationship. It will teach you to shun bad habits actively.

Contact Northern Illinois Recovery Center for Family Therapy Services

There is no need to let your family fall apart. A family therapy program can be the glue that will hold it together for a longer period. If you are having issues in your family, and you need family therapy services, feel free to contact Northern Illinois Recovery Center via 855.786.1978. We commit to helping families resolve their issues.