Benefits of Rehab After DUI

Drinking and driving is illegal in all 50 states. If someone chooses to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel, they risk themselves and others’ safety. If stopped by police and issued a DUI, they can face serious legal troubles. Some people who are given a DUI struggle with alcohol addiction and some have had a lapse in judgment. Getting a DUI is not necessarily a sign that someone struggles with addiction, but it can be a warning sign that they may require help from the rehab program staff.

Choosing whether someone needs to go to DUI rehab depends on whether the person struggles with alcohol addiction or can make good decisions about their alcohol use. If you or someone you love has received a DUI, contact the Northern Illinois Recovery Center at 855.786.1978 to learn more about the benefits of rehab after a DUI.

Signs of Alcoholism

There are many common warning signs of alcoholism. These can include:

  • Drinking more than you plan to
  • Missing work, school, or other obligations due to drinking
  • Needing more alcohol to have the same effect
  • Drinking even though you lose your job, relationships, or have other negative consequences
  • Losing interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Craving alcohol
  • Spending a lot of time and energy to get alcohol
  • Having physical symptoms like shakiness or sweating when you stop drinking

These symptoms indicate that the person may struggle with alcohol addiction and needs support in their sobriety journey. If someone who has received a DUI is exhibiting any of these signs, they likely need addiction treatment.

Getting Treatment for Addiction

After drinking for a prolonged period, a person may start to show signs of physical addiction: tolerance and withdrawal. A person’s tolerance increases when they drink more to get the same effect. Withdrawal can occur within a few hours or a few days when someone stops drinking and can be dangerous. Symptoms of alcohol addiction that can occur include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Agitation
  • Hallucinations

In addition to treating the physical effects of withdrawal, addiction treatment addresses the underlying causes of the person’s alcohol use. It provides support that can help the person achieve and maintain their sobriety. People learn tools to manage their addiction during and after treatment and have a greater chance of long-term success.

Outpatient Treatment Options After DUI

Outpatient treatment options provide a structured setting to get help for alcohol addiction without required admission to a facility. Outpatient programs require people to attend only during daily treatment hours. After these activities, the person can return to their normal daily routine.

Outpatient DUI rehab programs are intensive and offer the structure and support needed to address addiction and learn the coping skills to manage it. They offer a broad range of therapeutic approaches, including:

Can I Attend DUI Rehab Instead of Jail?

There are many advantages to going to a DUI rehab instead of jail. Rehab is the most effective way to address your addiction and learn skills to avoid negative consequences in the future.

Depending on the circumstances around your DUI, a judge may allow you to attend a DUI rehab program instead of going to jail. Talk to your lawyer about attending an addiction program before going to court.

Learn More About Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Northern Illinois Recovery Center

Alcohol addiction can have serious and even life-threatening effects on a person’s life. However, with the proper support, guidance, counseling, and therapy, a person who suffers from addiction can lead a happy, successful life in recovery. Life-long sobriety is possible but only with the care of master-level therapists and counselors.

Not only is Northern Illinois Recovery Center fully equipped to meet all of your physical and psychological needs to beat addiction, but it is also located outside of Chicago, providing ease of access to this much-needed service. If you or a loved one is looking for life-changing help for alcohol addiction after a DUI, reach out to the staff at the Northern Illinois Recovery Center at 855.786.1978 or by using the online form.