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About Our Clients

From what you see on television and the movies, you might think there’s only one type of person who struggles with substance use disorders. Nothing could be further from the truth about our clients.

about our clients

Substance abuse is an equal opportunity destroyer, affecting men and women, young and old,  — people of all backgrounds. There is no “typical” client, other than seeking supportive, compassionate, and dignified care for their addictions. Our focus is on their individual needs.

At Northern Illinois Recovery Center, we work with each person on their terms to deliver the best in outpatient treatment services for addictions of all types.

Our Clients are Everything to Us

We consider ourselves a no-nonsense treatment center focusing on the basics and using proven treatment approaches to help you through your problems with addiction. We put the client first in everything we do. That starts with helping ease the social stigma of addiction and debunking some of the biggest myths about substance abuse.

Some might believe our clients are accepting substance abuse as a choice. This is false. Substance abuse is a disease like any other. It involves both psychological and physiological reactions. Substance abuse triggers changes in the brain that make it impossible for individuals to resist the cravings to use.

Some might see people with substance abuse as completely broken down and dysfunctional — as they have lost total control of their lives. This is also untrue. Many who suffer from substance abuse maintain their jobs and continue their obligations as parents. Just because someone shows no signs of addiction does not mean they aren’t struggling. They are worthy of our respect, and at Northern Illinois Recovery Center, we deliver the care they need to improve their lives.

About Our Clients and Who We Serve

Addiction is a multi-faceted problem that manifests itself in different ways for different people. We serve individuals who would benefit from the best in evidence-based outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment allows clients to maintain a sense of normalcy as they work within our programs to turn the page from addiction.

When thinking about our client and constructing a treatment plan, factors depend on the severity of the addiction. Our clients are individuals whose treatment is most likely to succeed with minimal interruptions to their daily lives, and where they can maintain the love and support of family. Among the different programs we offer:

It’s important to understand that different types of substance abuse require different treatment responses and focus. Northern Illinois Recovery Center provides treatment for alcohol abuse and problems with cocaine, heroin, and other forms of opioids, Xanax, and other forms of benzodiazepines, and other substances. We are positioned to help our clients restore a life of security and sobriety.

Where Clients Live

The treatment programs of Northern Illinois Recovery Center, including intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, provide a backbone for addiction care in the Midwest.
Our clients come principally from Illinois. Northern Illinois Recovery Center is on the outskirts of the Chicagoland region, about 50 miles northwest of the city of Chicago and 40 miles from O’Hare International Airport.

However, we are also a broadly regional facility, just a short drive from Milwaukee, Madison, and other cities in Wisconsin and the states of Iowa and Minnesota.

Given our location, most of our clients come from the city of Chicago and surrounding counties. They rely on Northern Illinois Recovery Center for privacy and security as they seek to restore themselves to stability and sobriety.

Get Treatment at Northern Illinois Recovery Center

Substance abuse remains one of the nation’s most challenging problems. In the case of opioid addiction, it’s even been deemed a public health emergency. If you or a loved one shows signs of a substance use disorder, choose Northern Illinois Recovery Center as your treatment partner. Our experienced staff comprises doctors, counselors, and others who understand the challenges of addiction and how they can help end it. Northern Illinois Recovery Center is a personalized treatment center for all forms of addiction. We have focused on delivering the latest in evidence-based addiction care for more than 20 years. Our programs include professional assessment and support for detox, counseling, and aftercare.

Our research-based substance abuse programs help clients get to the root of their problems, so healing is thorough and comprehensive. Don’t accept living in pain. Get the help you need by contacting the Northern Illinois Recovery Center by calling 855.786.1978 to learn more about our clients and how we can help you.

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