3 Advantages of Detox Before Rehab

Drug and alcohol detox is a necessary first step for some people facing long-term addiction use or active addiction. If you cannot stop using even though you want to do so, a detox center may be the right option for your needs. At Northern Illinois Recovery, our team can offer help. When you come in to see us, we’ll help you determine if detox is the right first step and help you find the treatment you need if so.

Signs You May Benefit From Detox

Not every person with drug and alcohol addiction needs or benefits from a detox center. It is common for those who have intense cravings or withdrawal symptoms to need this type of help. Detox works to break dependence, which is what typically causes those symptoms. You may benefit from enrolling in a detox center if you have:

  • Used drugs for a long time
  • Tried to stop but could not do so
  • Used highly addictive drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or benzos
  • Cravings when you do not use that make it hard to function
  • Used a lot of drugs or large quantities of drugs

Withdrawal symptoms are a key to look for when it comes to detox. If you feel pain, anxiety, intense irritability, or mood swings, your body may benefit from a detox center. There, you’ll have access to medications that can help.

What Are the Benefits of a Detox Program Before Treatment?

People with active addiction benefit from addiction. That means they are often still using. When seeking help for detox first, before ongoing care, there are often a few advantages.

  1. You Can Think Clearer: Once the dependence on alcohol and drugs is broken, a person can better focus and make decisions. They can think clearly and communicate better about their needs and goals. It’s possible to feel more empowered than without detox.
  2. Mental Health Disorders May Be Spotted: Once a person works through detox, it is easier to see mental health disorders present. Often, the symptoms of these conditions hide behind cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making them hard to spot. Once detox is complete, it’s possible to learn more about what’s really happening and apply the right type of treatment for them.
  3. Residential Treatment May Be More Effective: Some people who work through a detox center as an initial step find that they are more willing to embrace treatment later. That may mean they are less likely to relapse in the long term. Even if residential treatment is not the next step after detox, people can find themselves better prepared for therapy.

At Northern Illinois Recovery, we can offer the next step in your care. That includes providing you with a safe place to work through your addiction in a meaningful manner with the master therapists you need. Even if you are unsure what level of care you need, the first and most important step is to reach out. Let us provide an assessment and determine your addiction’s severity, so the right treatment becomes available to you. Our treatment programs include:

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Some people need a detox center to start drug and alcohol addiction treatment. If you think detox may be helpful to you, reach out to Northern Illinois Recovery. Our team can help determine if that’s the right option and, if so, we can connect you to the best treatment programs in the area. Learn more about your options. Call 855.786.1978 or reach out to us online now.