When To Seek Treatment For Your Teen

Mood shifts and sometimes unpredictable behavior in teens are often chalked up to the surge of changing hormones coursing through their bodies. However, parents and loved ones should be aware of signs that may indicate a drug or alcohol addiction. Teens can be hard to communicate with under the best of circumstances. Yours may be unwilling to open up about issues with substance abuse. That’s why you need to be aware of warning signs that can indicate the need for teen treatment at a rehab facility like Northern Illinois Recovery Center.

They Show Unusual Changes in Behavior

While it’s normal for teens to find new interests as they get older, completely losing interest in things they used to enjoy can be a potential sign of addiction. It’s one thing for your teen to decide that they want to play soccer instead of continuing piano. It’s a different thing when they seem unable to find enjoyment in anything.

You should also be concerned if your usually happy teenager having extreme shifts in mood. They may have trouble controlling their emotions and start lashing out in anger because of drug or alcohol abuse. Teen addiction help may become necessary if they start doing things like taking money from family members or stealing prescription medication.

Other behavioral changes that can indicate the need to seek teen addiction help include:

  • Constantly sleeping
  • Not obeying the rules of the house
  • Always asking for money
  • Lying to you about where they are going
  • Letting old friends go and taking up with new acquaintances you don’t know
  • Becoming irresponsible

They Have Trouble Functioning

Teens who may need treatment for a substance use disorder often may have issues completing basic tasks. That can show up in a drop in grades or a rapid decline in their ability to think clearly. You may notice that your teen seems sluggish and unable to process basic commands because of being under the influence.

They Rely On Drugs Or Alcohol to Deal With Stressful Situations

While many teens try to hide signs of substance abuse, it may get to the point where they can’t get through an event without drinking or getting high. You may see them smoking or snorting an unknown substance or sneaking alcohol. They may show up intoxicated at family gatherings or other social events.

They Show Physical Signs of Addiction

Your teenager may start neglecting their personal hygiene because of their preoccupation with drugs and alcohol. They may start losing weight or always have bloodshot eyes. You may see them having frequent nosebleeds, see sores on their body, or see track marks left from injecting drugs.

Get Help For Your Teen At Northern Illinois Recovery

If you believe your child may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you must get them help as quickly as possible. There are teen treatment centers designed to help young adults learn to manage an addiction.

Encourage your teen to undergo an evaluation by an addiction specialist qualified to diagnose substance use disorders. They may be able to get them to open up about their problems and help them get to a place where your teen is ready to accept help in a teen treatment center.

Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers teen treatment programs for teenagers who need help overcoming an addiction.  Parents also get the opportunity to gain support and education about their child’s issues. We have experience helping teens with:

If you’re currently looking into teen treatment programs for your child, find out more about the services and therapy available by contacting Northern Illinois Recovery Center at 855.786.1978.