When Does a Young Adult Need Rehab?

Making the decision to get your son or daughter help with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction is simply not easy to do. When does a young adult need rehab, and when can a parent “fix” the problem? The key fact is this. If you are a young adult or the parent of one, you may recognize that drug and alcohol use is occurring. Just seeking out information about that use means you can benefit from treatment.

College and Beyond

When it comes to seeking out the help of a young adult rehab center in Northern IL, remember that doing so as soon as possible is best. If you are asking, “When does a young adult need rehab to stop using,” that means there’s a key concern playing out. Don’t ignore it.

One of the highest risk periods for drug and alcohol use begins in teens who go off to college. Even though they may be over the age of 18, as a parent, you may spot their drug and alcohol use in the way their look changes, the friends they have change, or when their grades are slipping. Because college campuses are high-risk areas for this type of use, you want to ensure that you are monitoring this for the need for help.

Perhaps you are a young adult yourself, even outside of college. You may find that you are looking to use drugs and alcohol on a routine basis. It’s impacting your quality of life. You are also not sure you can stop. These are indications of when does a young adult needs rehab.

The Signs of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Rehab for youths is a very good thing. It provides an opportunity for young men and women to make changes to their lifestyle and overcome their addictions while they are still young and most likely at their healthiest. The key is getting help as soon as possible. Consider a few signs of when it may be time to get help and to get into a rehab for youths.

  • You think about alcohol or drugs daily.
  • You use alcohol or drugs daily.
  • If you do not use drugs for a period of time, you feel pain and irritability.
  • Your grades are dropping in college.
  • You are struggling financially because you are supporting a habit.
  • You no longer find joy in the things you used to like to do.

If this sounds familiar, or you are facing problems with DUIs or possession charges, it is time to seek out help.

When to Do: When Does a Young Adult Need Rehab Answered

If you or your loved one may be facing addiction, now is the time to get help. Call our team to schedule an evaluation. We offer a full young adult rehab program that can provide you with the support you need. We can also offer services such as:

Now is the best time to get help, even if you are just starting to think there’s a problem present. The sooner you do, the better your loved one’s quality of life will be.

Seek Out the Care You Need with Us

You do not have to make decisions for yourself or your loved one right now. Learning when does a young adult need help can be challenging even if you are a parent. That is why you should come in to meet a counselor to discuss your unique needs first. From there, you can explore the right type of drug and alcohol treatment in any situation.

When you are worried about addiction in your child or, as a young adult yourself, you are concerned about your health, seek help. Contact Northern Illinois Recovery Center today to learn more about the treatment plans we offer. Call us at 855.786.1978 to schedule a no-risk consultation.