What Is National Recovery Month?

As we approach the month of September, it brings a special feeling for many people who are on the journey of addiction recovery. Every year, in September, people around the country commemorate National Recovery Month. If you are dealing with addiction recovery, now is the ideal time to learn more about National Recovery Month 2020.

What Is National Recovery Month?

During National Recovery Month, the country comes together to bring awareness to the issues and problems of substance abuse. It’s helpful for people who are either in substance abuse recovery, considering recovery, or for loved ones who are affected by drug abuse.

Anyone can participate in National Recovery Month by helping others realize the harm of substance abuse and also the hope of addiction recovery.

The Goals of National Recovery Month

The National Recovery Month has been in existence for 30 years and is promoted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). It was established with goals and a mission in mind to help those who are dealing with any substance abuse disorder. Some of the specific goals are as follows:

Provide an Understanding of the Impact of Addiction

This goal is one of education. By bringing awareness, the hope is that some people will be spared the tragic outcome of addiction. People are educated about the effects of drug and alcohol use and how it affects other people’s lives. Through the education component, people see the devastation to communities and families, as well.

Bring Hope for Those in Recovery

The devastating effects of addiction are one side of the coin, but through the efforts of National Recovery Month, people will also see the light of hope. They can have hope to find their way out of addiction and loneliness.

Gives Support To Affected People

So many different people are affected by addiction. Whether it’s the person who is on the addiction recovery route or their families, it creates a difficult dynamic for all involved. There are sons, daughters, husbands, and wives that use a substance, thereby resulting in pain for others. National Recovery Month brings understanding and support for this demographic as well.

If you’ve had a loved one overdose from drugs, you feel especially vulnerable to these issues. You probably have many mixed emotions that are hard to deal with. A supportive environment is crucial in the days ahead.

Prevent Future Addiction

Through National Recovery Month, people are made more aware of the various issues revolving around addiction. This is particularly vital for young people because they are in a vulnerable category. By targeting them and helping them to understand the dangers, it could save countless lives.

Start The Journey To Recovery At Northern Illinois Recovery

Start the month off right by recognizing National Recovery Month. It is an ideal time to start your journey for a brighter future if you are dealing with a substance abuse problem. If someone close to you is struggling with drug addiction, then educate yourself during this month and make an effort to shine a light on this problem.

At Northern Illinois Recovery Center, we will be celebrating those who are on the addiction recovery journey. We offer several therapy and treatment programs to help you get started. Some of these programs include:

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to do something about substance abuse. Begin today! Now that you know more about National Recovery Month, you can find hope for the future. Contact Northern Illinois Recovery Center at 855.786.1978, and we’ll get you on the path to recovery today.