How To Help An Addict

How To Help An Addict 

Dealing with a substance addiction is a difficult situation to be in. It is especially challenging if you have loved ones addicted to drugs or alcohol. You may feel conflicted about how to help an addict, and you may not know what to do. It is difficult to know just what to do when someone you care for is struggling. However, there are a few ways you can be of help.

How To Help An Addict Recover

The first thing that is critical to understand when thinking about how to help an addict is that they are dealing with a disorder. Medical professionals classify addiction as substance use disorder, which is a health condition. In other words, they need the right type of care or it could make things worse. On the one hand, you don’t want to enable the addicted person. However, you also don’t want to make the person feel ashamed or be harsh. There is a fine line to walk. Here is how to help an addict in three ways.

Be supportive — It’s so critical that the person struggling always know that they have someone they can turn to no matter what. If you are too harsh, judgmental, or always criticizing, then the person will be more prone to hide their behavior. You want them to know that you will be there when they want to turn their life around.

Remove all potentials triggers — you will learn what type of things can be a trigger to your loved one. It may be certain places, or it could be certain scenarios that bring out the desire to use a substance. Help your loved one by keeping your home free of things that will tempt and keeping the atmosphere drama-free and calm. 

Stage an intervention — sometimes drastic measures must be taken. An intervention needs to be done under the supervision of a substance abuse health provider. They will assist you in helping your loved one make the decision themselves without feeling pressured. This type of session can be arranged with a certified therapist through an addiction rehab center.

Help Your Loved One Today

At Northern Illinois Recovery, we can provide the necessary help your loved one needs through substance abuse treatment programs, therapy, and intervention. We will make sure your loved one gets the best treatment program to fit their needs.

We use evidence-based programs proven to give people a new start in life. Whether your loved one is struggling with opioids, meth, benzos, or heroin, we can help get them back on track again.

All recovery journeys start with detox. Over the course of an addiction, the brain, and therefore the body, build up chemical tolerances to addictive substances. This growing tolerance, during the addiction, continuously drives the user to consume more drug more often at higher dosages. However, when the substance is no longer present, this tolerance fuels withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms for alcohol, opioids and opiates, and benzos are particularly harsh, and in some cases can be fatal. That’s why doctors recommend detox for withdrawal, so that supervising medical staff can keep you safe.

Therapies To Treat Addiction

After detox, our evidence-based therapies build on the physical healing of detox by working on the psychological roots of addiction. Some of the therapy treatments offered at Northern Illinois Recovery include:

Don’t let drug addiction steal your loved one’s joy in life. Now that you know how to help an addict, reach out to a quality drug rehab center and find healing. Contact us at 855.786.1978, and we’ll walk with you on this new journey in life.