How to Help a Loved One into a Heroin Rehab

It can be challenging to love someone who is addicted to heroin. You might worry for them, feel frustrated, or have periods of helplessness. Once you recognize that your loved one abuses heroin, your first instinct will probably be to offer help. One of the best ways for people to overcome their heroin addiction is to get effective treatment in a heroin addiction rehab center. While it is easy to know what your loved one needs, it is harder to get them to agree to go to rehab.

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Recognizing the Need for Heroin Addiction Rehab

The first step in getting your loved ones the help they need is recognizing that they are struggling with heroin addiction. Heroin is a powerful drug, and people addicted to it are not always honest and open about their drug use. However, you can look out for some signs in the behavior and lifestyle that might give you insight into their addiction. This might be finding heroin paraphernalia such as needles, rubber tubing or elastic bands, spoons and lighters, or pipes in their home. You might also notice physical symptoms, such as:

  • Flushed skin
  • Needle marks or scars
  • Sleepiness or “nodding off”
  • Slow breathing
  • Scratching
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Poor memory and concentration

Noticing these symptoms might indicate that your loved one is using heroin. Heroin is highly addictive, and treatment is usually necessary for someone to stop using it.

Getting Your Loved One into Substance Abuse Treatment

Once you have determined that your loved one is struggling with heroin addiction, the next step should be finding an addiction treatment center to help them. Once you have available resources for them, you can present them to your loved one.

It can be difficult to communicate effectively with someone who is actively addicted to heroin. Choose a time and place to have this conversation. Come to them from a position of love and care, and be ready to explain how you will help them get into rehab. As much as possible, keep calm and don’t let your emotions overwhelm your loved one. Many people find that hiring a professional interventionist can help the conversation go smoothly.

How to Support Someone in Addiction Treatment

Family members can be a great source of support for someone in addiction treatment. Some practical ways to support someone going through substance abuse treatment are:

  • Attend family therapy sessions if your loved one requests it
  • Offer to help with childcare, if necessary
  • Help with practical things like walking their dog, keeping up with yard work, or paying bills
  • Visit your loved one when you can
  • Send letters and care packages
  • Be sure to take care of yourself so you can continue to support your loved ones throughout their addiction treatment.

Learn More About Substance Abuse Treatment at the Northern Illinois Recovery Center

If you or someone you love requires substance abuse treatment, please reach out to the staff at the Northern Illinois Recovery Center. We offer comprehensive addiction treatment programs designed to empower people at every stage of their recovery journey. In addition to our heroin addiction program, we offer:

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