Woman undergoes medication assisted treatment with a therapistIf you’re struggling with drug or alcohol dependency, you know that cravings make overcoming addiction on your own incredibly tricky. Medication assisted treatment, or MAT, is an innovative approach to treatment that can truly help ease the recovery process and prevent relapse. A quality medication assisted addiction treatment center like Northern Illinois Recovery may be just what you need to overcome the obstacles that are holding back your recovery. Read on to learn more about this type of treatment and its benefits.

About Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment uses prescription medicines in combination with counseling to treat substance abuse issues. It’s useful for treating addictions to various substances, including alcohol and nicotine. But it may be most well-known for addressing opioid addiction. Common medications you may have heard of which are useful in MAT are naltrexone, buprenorphine, and suboxone.

Such medicines are effective because they decrease cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms that individuals experience when trying to stop using a substance. This is a key step toward overcoming any addiction and can often be the biggest hurdle many experience. MAT eases this process. When you’re not preoccupied with dealing with cravings, you can spend your energy on recovery and working toward wellness in your substance abuse program.

Benefits of MAT

There are numerous benefits of medication assisted treatment, and recovery is often tremendously easier through the use of this approach. Withdrawal is a painful and uncomfortable process, but you can minimize the symptoms with the assistance of medicine.

Once you’re able to overcome a period of withdrawal and beat cravings, you’ll find you can work on parts of treatment like counseling and education. You’re also more likely to avoid relapse once you’re able to successfully move past the withdrawal period without lasting symptoms.

Learning coping skills is also an important part of any medication assisted therapy program. The first component is dealing with withdrawal, then comes the learning and processing. When receiving the medication assisted treatment Northern Illinois offers, you’re more likely to avoid relapse. Studies show this to be true.

Why Seek a Medication Assisted Treatment Center

There are a number of reasons to seek the medication assisted treatment Northern Illinois offers. Medication assisted treatment from a reputable recovery center such as Northern Illinois Recovery can make the entire process much easier on you. Medication therapy helps you to overcome withdrawal symptoms so that you can then focus on learning the skills you need to stay clean.

Professional recovery services treat each individual’s personal needs. You aren’t treated as only your addiction. Issues you are currently facing will be addressed in your unique treatment plan. This ensures you are feeling confident and prepared to return to your daily life when treatment ends. You’ll have the skills you need to navigate life without drugs or alcohol.

Having professional staff who care to provide you with support and their expert knowledge will then increase the likelihood of successful recovery. Also, you’ll gain insight from your peers who are going through a similar experience and understand you. There are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider professional treatment.

Highlights of the Northern Illinois Recovery program include:

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