Are Sleeping Pills Addictive? Read This to Find Out

People who have conditions like insomnia are often prescribed sleeping pills, medications to assist them in falling or staying asleep. Yet, these medications can be misused, leading to an inadvertent dependency. In some cases, individuals intentionally abuse their prescription medication leading to a dependency or addiction. Individuals need professional support to address, heal, and recover from their substance use disorder when this occurs. The side effects and consequences of dependency may lead to many severe issues. You may wonder, are sleeping pills addictive? Yes, but in most cases, physicians recommend short-term sleeping pills, limiting the chances of addiction and dangerous side effects. At Northern Illinois Recovery Center, we offer numerous drug abuse rehab programs to address prescription drug addiction.

Are Sleeping Pills Addictive? What You Should Know

There are several kinds of sleeping pills, and each works differently. For example, Benzodiazepines (like Valium and Xanax) prescribed for managing anti-anxiety are likely to become addictive.

Others like Ambien and Lunesta have lower chances of developing physical dependency. Silenor and Rozerem are relatively new and not addictive.

If you intend to take sleeping pills, it’s essential to talk to a health care provider; this way, you’ll understand more about the drugs and find the right option that may not lead to physical dependency. Fortunately, addicts can seek professional help for a wide range of treatment options, including:

The Signs of Medication Misuse

Misuse of sleeping pills occurs when an individual consumes them against the doctor’s prescription. It may include taking the sedatives without recommendation, taking increased dosages than what you were prescribed, and using them for a more extended period than your treatment plan dictates.

It’s challenging to identify people abusing sleeping pills, but common symptoms may include unsteady pace, euphoria, poor concentration, memory issues, balance problems, and slurred speech.

Misusing sleeping pills may become a habit and cause addiction, leading to an uncontrolled craving for the medication. Addiction to a prescription drug is a problem you need to address before it escalates into harmful side effects.

Symptoms of Sleeping Pills Addiction

Apart from the possible development of dependency, addiction can lead to many other problems. In some cases, it gets to a point where addicts cannot survive without using the pills. A victim can experience anxiety and depression when trying to quit; this is most likely when you’ll start asking why sleeping pills are addictive? Long-term use of the drugs can cause severe health conditions, and sleeping issues may worsen. Doctors recommend short-term use to avoid addiction.

There are several signs of addiction to sleeping pills to watch out for, including:

  • Taking the pills for purposes of getting high and not to sleep
  • Developing a tolerance to the prescription
  • Need to use drugs daily for sleep
  • Craving the medication
  • Becoming confused and depressed
  • Ignoring personal responsibilities

You can lower the chances of developing dependency by following the prescription instructions. If you have a history of addiction to drugs and substances, avoid sleeping pills. According to experts, some healthy habits can make you sleep well without prescription medication. For a good night’s rest, try limiting caffeine, exercising, and going to sleep at the same time daily.

The Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

Don’t underestimate the side effects of sleeping pills because the symptoms can become adverse and fatal. Be keen about the developmental impact, and if problems start, stop using the medication immediately. Combining sleeping pills with other substances increases the risks of interactions.

If you’re using other prescription drugs, consult with a Northern Illinois rehab center before using sleeping pills to determine possible implications.

Learn More at Northern Illinois Recovery Center

So, are sleeping pills addictive? Yes, and anyone can develop a dependency on these sedatives. Addiction is one of the worst experiences since living without the substance becomes difficult. Aside from prescription drug addiction treatment, we also offer:

  • Alcohol addiction rehab
  • Barbiturate addiction rehab
  • Benzo addiction rehab
  • Cocaine addiction rehab
  • Heroin addiction rehab
  • Meth addiction rehab
  • Opiate addiction rehab
  • Opioid addiction rehab
  • Xanax addiction rehab

When you discover the early signs of sleeping pills addiction, quit using the medication, and seek immediate professional help. Contact us at 855.786.1978 for more details.