What Is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month?

Distracted drivers are shattering the lives of many people on roadways. The month of December is vital to reaffirm America’s commitment to reduce accidents resulting from impaired driving. The month is a time to spread awareness about the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Northern Illinois Recovery looks at how you can observe the month as part of a long-term recovery journey from substance abuse.

Impaired Driving and Road Accidents

With a typical party in America not missing alcohol, it is no surprise that traffic-related deaths spike during December festivities.

The National Impaired Driving Prevention Month offers Americans an opportunity to do something about the rising accident fatalities, especially during holidays.

The use of substances such as opioids, heroin, marijuana, and cocaine can hamper the driver’s ability to effectively and safely control a vehicle. However, an impaired driver may not necessarily be intoxicated. Some road accidents are caused by people battling mental health disorders.

The month of December has often been the height of partying and making merry. It is essential to echo the message of mindfulness by being in a proper state of mind while on the roadways.

Observing the National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Any activity that can prevent you or your loved one from operating a vehicle while under the influence of substances can go a long way in reducing unnecessary traffic-related deaths. There are some great ways of observing the month.

Challenge yourself to stay sober during December and enjoy the festivities without taking drugs or alcohol. You can make the sobriety duration last for as long as you wish. It could be a whole month, a fortnight, or even a year.

You will be on the right path to long-term recovery when you take this route.

Being committed to your sober period can start your journey to recovery. It may even push you to seek alcohol or drug abuse treatment programs when you notice the warning signs, such as deteriorating interpersonal relationships.

Designate a Driver or Get a Cab

You will have great motivation to stay sober when you are the designated driver. If you decide to accompany your friends or family members to a party, you can choose to be the person that will drive the others back home.

Being a designated driver is a great way to maintain sobriety and still have a good time with your loved ones. If you cannot drive due to some reason, it would be best to get a cab.
Everyone agrees that it is healthy to spend enjoyable moments with loved ones during the holidays. However, ensure you have made a plan to arrive home safely. You can avoid impaired driving by using apps to get a cab ride.

When a sober driver is in control, you will live to celebrate the next Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Encourage Loved Ones to Seek Addiction Treatment

The month of December can offer you the opportunity to encourage loved ones to seek professional help if they are battling substance abuse or mental health issues. Talk about rehab treatment to your family members who may show signs of mental health disorders.

A therapist can discuss rehab programs for your family from an expert point of view. Rehab professionals can also help you organize a medical intervention if your loved one is still in denial.

At rehab, you will access a wide range of treatment programs, such as:

Contact Northern Illinois Recovery for Rehab Treatment

Accidents arising because of impaired driving can be reduced through expert help from rehab centers. Therapists can help you create drug and alcohol awareness in your community during this month. Call Northern Illinois Recovery at 855.786.1978 for more details or to get started on rehab treatment.