Are you currently suffering from an addiction to one or more opiates? Then Northern Illinois Recovery Center is here to provide support. We offer highly effective recovery treatment programs at our opiate addiction rehab center. Our programs are designed to meet your specific needs at your particular stage of addiction. Therefore, we offer a wide range of treatments to give you a more well-rounded approach that helps you overcome your addiction and addresses any underlying mental health issues.

Also, when you sign up for our outpatient addiction treatment programs, you can live at home, go to work, and then participate in the treatment at our opiate addiction rehab center during your scheduled times. This type of program allows you to keep your job and perform your family duties as needed. This allows you to ensure that your medical and personal needs can be attended to. At Northern Illinois Recovery Center, our team of experienced and compassionate addiction treatment experts across all our substance abuse treatment programs delivers the care necessary to heal.

Opiate Rehab in Northern IL

Woman speaking to her therapy group at an opiate addiction rehab centerAs someone who struggles with opiate addiction, you may have different needs from individuals who struggle from addiction to other chemicals such as alcohol or prescription medication. That is why we are the opioid addiction rehab center in northern IL trusts. Through our opiate rehab in Northern IL, we can also help you transition from addiction to wellness with programs that match where you are at this stage in your addiction.

Additional treatment is available at Northern Illinois Recovery Center, whether you are on the brink of crisis or feel that things are just starting to get out of control. Our programs encompass multiple levels of care and are adaptable to addictions of any severity. You come to Northern Illinois Recovery, where we offer helpful, effective programs no matter what issues.

Understanding Opiate Addiction

Opiates are among the most used drugs in the world. The most popular drug is heroin, a highly addictive and destructive drug that affects the lives of millions of users worldwide each year. For instance, the four main types of opiates include:

  • Opium
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Heroin

However, given the ongoing opioid epidemic, many people have progressed into opiate addiction due to dependency on prescription pain medications. Doctors overly prescribed these opioids under pressure from unscrupulous pharmaceutical corporations. When prescriptions couldn’t be gotten by those who had inadvertently become dependent, many turned to illicit drugs that were cheaper and easier to acquire, such as heroin.

Addiction Treatment Services We Offer

When you sign up for treatment at our opiate addiction rehab center, the first thing we do is to determine the best treatment for your addiction. We can help you assess your therapy based on your particular situation and needs.

For example, some services we offer for opiate addiction include:

One thing that distinguishes our treatment programs from other rehab centers is that we do not pressure you into any therapy. We evaluate your addiction and any other mental issues you may be dealing with, then make recommendations. Therefore, you can try different treatments to see which one helps you with your recovery.

Find Out More About Our Opiate Addiction Rehab Center

Don’t let drug addiction drag you down. We are here to help you break the cycle of addiction. Your road to recovery begins here. Seeking help from a licensed and qualified professional at Northern Illinois Recovery Center can be the moment of change you need to build an entirely new life for yourself. We offer numerous substance abuse treatment programs alongside our opiate addiction treatment program, such as:

  • Alcohol Addiction Rehab
  • Barbiturate Addiction Rehab
  • Benzo Addiction Rehab
  • Cocaine Addiction Rehab
  • Heroin Addiction Rehab
  • Meth Addiction Rehab
  • Opioid Addiction Rehab
  • Prescription Drug Addiction Rehab
  • Xanax Addiction Rehab

Sign up for treatment at our opiate addiction rehab center and get your life back on track. Call us today at 855.786.1978 to get started with your treatment program.