When you or a loved one is battling addiction, a drinking problem, or substance abuse issue, it can be overwhelming and stressful to find the right treatment center. Whether you have UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance or a different health insurance plan, the cost of treatment can be a serious concern.

About UnitedHealthcare Rehab Insurance

Woman discusses her Unitedhealthcare rehab insuranceWhile addiction treatment programs can be costly without insurance, UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance, and other insurance providers, can cover the majority of the costs. The cost of treatment varies depending on the provider and the program. Inpatient programs, for example, are more expensive than outpatient programs. Since providers typically decide the costs of their services, insurance issues and questions are best addressed with rehabs and treatment centers directly.

Treatment centers will be able to tell you if, for instance, UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance is accepted. Sometimes health insurance companies do not have the most up to date list of in-network providers, so it is possible that a provider is covered even if they are not showing up as an in-network provider with your insurance company.

Whether you have UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance or a different plan, the Affordable Care Act to cover addiction treatment requires a medical insurance provider. However, insurance providers are able to deny coverage for treatment centers that are outside of their network.

UnitedHealthcare insurance offers medical, dental, and health insurance plans to consumers and provides services to over 110 million Americans. Your Northern Illinois rehab insurance coverage will depend on your plan, but UnitedHealthcare does cover addiction treatment.

Why Addiction Treatment Works

UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance in Illinois provides coverage for addiction treatment, including inpatient and outpatient services. The most common types of addiction treatment include:

Not all treatment centers offer both inpatient and outpatient services, so it is very important to ask treatment centers about what programs they currently offer. If you struggle with a co-occurring disorder, make sure to ask if the rehab has a dual diagnosis program or access to a psychiatrist. Inpatient or outpatient clients can use detox, and the level of supervision is dependent on the severity of your addiction. For instance, if you are at high risk for withdrawal complications like delirium tremors or seizures, you might have to attend an inpatient detox center.

Addiction treatment also offers you the ability to connect with other patients who are in recovery. Whether you attend inpatient or outpatient treatment, you will have access to professional counselors and therapists. Our staff can help you navigate the complex emotions that come during recovery. Some treatment centers may provide medication-assisted treatment. These include Suboxone or Methadone, and can be done in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

The most significant difference between inpatient and outpatient programs is that inpatient is residential. This means you stay at the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outpatient programs are less time-intensive and can be a great first step for treatment. It also makes an excellent way to continue treatment following discharge from an inpatient program.

Other treatment centers and rehabs have specialized programs, such as trauma-focused programs and religious-based programs. When choosing a rehab center, make sure that the treatment philosophy is consistent with your outlook and personality.

What is the Next Step?

UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance can help make the cost of inpatient and outpatient treatment affordable. Working with a rehab or treatment center to ensure your cost of treatment will be manageable helps ensure you can focus on your health and recovery, not medical bills. Reaching out for help for an addiction or substance abuse issue is the first step towards recovery.

Finding an experienced, compassionate, and professional rehab doesn’t have to be hard. For more information on how to use UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance, call us today at *DM_DirectNumber format=period linked=true*. We work with them to make treatment cost-effective and provide all the programs listed above.