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What Treatment for Depression Can Look Like

Depression is one of the most common forms of mental illness in the United States. Millions of adults will experience a period of depression in any given year. One of the best tools for managing depression is counseling, which is also called talk therapy. Therapy for depression is a relationship with a trained practitioner who …

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Recognizing Depression in Women

Life comes with many challenges, so feeling down sometimes is not out of the norm. However, when your feeling of melancholy, desperateness, despair, and emptiness persists for two weeks or more, they are likely signs of depression. Depression is a severe psychological illness that goes beyond the usual response to life’s scuffles and distresses. The …

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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

When people think about bipolar disorder, they may imagine someone who swings wildly between extreme happiness and devastating sadness. But bipolar disease often presents differently than the images we get from TV or movies. The majority of people living with bipolar disorder will experience alternating periods of elevated mood and depression. While all bipolar disorders …

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Understanding PTSD

After going through a distressing event, people may have difficulty coping with their feelings about what happened. Usually, after some time and self-care, people feel better and can leave the past event. Sometimes, the traumatic event’s effects linger for months or years and can keep people from living their lives as usual. People may be …

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Getting Help For Addiction And Mental Health

Dual diagnosis occurs when a mental health disorder and addiction are present. One may cause the other. To improve addiction recovery, mental health disorders need treatment as well and at the same time. This type of treatment program can help restore overall wellbeing, health, and quality of life. At Northern Illinois Recovery, we offer this …

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What Is First Night?

The First Night is a new cultural and artistic celebration that more Americans partake in on New Year’s Eve. If you are grappling with a substance use disorder, Northern Illinois Recovery can help you commit to your recovery journey during the festivities. Celebrating the First Night Organizations like churches, rehab facilities, and theaters often host …

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The Different Types of Relapse Triggers

Sobriety is a life-long commitment, with several ups and downs. Even after graduating from a rehab facility, you will face challenges in your recovery journey. Cravings are the primary challenge during recovery. While the desire to use drugs or alcohol seems to develop from nowhere, the truth is that relapse triggers bring them up. Northern …

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How COVID-19 Impacts Your Addiction Triggers

Triggers can make it difficult to overcome an addiction. They make a person have an intense craving to relapse back to substance abuse. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitates that people social distance. In some cases, people have to go into complete isolation to beat the virus. For people who are recovering from addiction, such measures can …

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Common Addiction Triggers

Drug addiction is a challenging struggle to overcome. It’s especially difficult to keep away from substance abuse for the long term. According to a study, there are approximately 31.9 million people who have uses an illicit drug within the past thirty days. And although many people make the first steps towards quitting drugs, it’s a …

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