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Talk Therapy: The Power of Talk

You’ve heard the saying the “pen is mightier than the sword.” That is to say that when we use words effectively, they’re more powerful than any weapon. But it’s often hard to see in everyday life how this is true. Talk therapy makes a case for the power of words. And through this effective evidence-based treatment, …

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The Benefits of a Massage Therapy Program

Addiction can drain you of your mental and physical health. It can take its toll on your body in ways you never thought possible. Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers a massage therapy program that restores your body, promotes relaxation, and helps you overcome your cravings. We integrate massage therapy into our recreation therapy program in Northern …

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Dealing with Anxiety

More than 20% of American adults struggle with anxiety symptoms in their lifetime, making anxiety related disorders the most common mental health conditions in the country. Like other mental health disorders, anxiety disorders are chronic and incurable. Symptoms can become disabling, interfering with your ability to work or go to school. Overwhelming symptoms can make …

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Panic Disorder Treatment

Millions of Americans struggle with anxiety each year. In fact, roughly 1 out of every 5 Americans deals with an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. Anxiety related disorders can cause changes to your thinking patterns, mood, and behaviors. Many times, anxiety related disorders cause neurotransmitter imbalances because your brain is unable to properly release the …

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