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Addiction Treatment

Marijuana Addiction Rehab Center

Even if recreational marijuana use is legal in your state, you can still face federal criminal charges if you buy, possess, or sell marijuana. Regularly using and abusing marijuana can cause dependency, which oftentimes requires the help of a marijuana addiction rehab center or alcohol addiction rehab center in Crystal Lake, IL, to recover from fully. …

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Gender and Addiction

Even though everyone is prone or susceptible to developing an addiction, substance abuse problems impact men and women differently, making gender and addiction an important aspect of treatment. Many treatment centers provide unisex treatment programs because the needs of men and women during substance abuse treatment can differ significantly. A men’s addiction treatment center Crystal Lake …

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Addiction Treatment for Women

Women have unique needs during substance abuse treatment because the way women abuse drugs and alcohol oftentimes differs from men. Women may face additional barriers to treatment and are at a higher risk of developing medical problems because of substance abuse. Addiction treatment for women focuses on addressing common issues women with substance abuse problems …

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Evidence Based Treatment

Evidence based treatment is based on years of scientific research and observation. It is backed by tangible and measurable data. Therefore, it has a certain level of credibility based on previous results. Treatment centers utilize evidence based addiction treatment in Northern IL to help people with drug or alcohol addiction. There are several characteristics of evidence …

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a man is interested in seeking a men's addiction treatment center

What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

What are the benefits of group therapy? A group therapy program can provide a powerful way for you to overcome your addiction in ways that you cannot do on your own. There are several types of group therapy available so that you have options for addiction treatment. Some support groups focus on 12-step programs, while others provide …

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Heroin Addiction

Three Coping Skills For Addiction Recovery

When it comes to the beginning stages of addiction recovery, coping skills are a vital aspect of maintaining control and recovering from your addiction. Start with a Plan Similar to any behavioral change like wanting to lose weight, a recovery plan or addiction therapy services is vital to stay on track and ensure you are …

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