3 Sober New Year’s Eve Ideas

For many people in the US, the notion of marking new years without getting intoxicated, especially with alcohol, can seem impossible. However, you should try to maintain your sobriety if you are in the process of overcoming a substance use disorder. It is not easy to stay sober while you have a long night ahead of you full of wine, alcoholic drinks, and all kinds of triggers. Fortunately, Northern Illinois Recovery can offer support to make your New Year’s celebrations sober.

Create Sober Ways of Marking New Year’s

When you are recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, it is challenging to attend parties serving cocktails. You can avoid such situations by organizing your sober event. It will give you a chance to plan for healthy meals, drinks, and activities, decreasing your chances of engaging in substance use.

Keep in mind that your family members and friends may observe particular ways of celebrating New Year’s. However, you can change their mental and social conditioning by introducing a sober New Year’s Eve tradition. Such an event requires meticulous planning, but it can keep you from relapsing back to your old and unhealthy habits.

You can also use such an opportunity to introduce your loved ones to available rehab programs for substance abuse. Rehab professionals offer a wide range of services, such as:

Carry Stress Relievers to the New Year’s Eve Party

Some people resort to using alcohol and other unhealthy substances to cope with stressful environments. Such maladaptive methods of dealing with stress are dangerous. To prevent such a situation, go to the party with healthy alternatives for easing pressure, including:

  • Peppermint
  • Flavored water
  • Lavender
  • Herbal tea
  • Sparkling cider
  • Essential oil rollerball

However, the fact that you will not drink at the party can make some attendees uncomfortable. It would help if you assured your friends that you do not plan to criticize them for choosing to drink.

Prepare for the Worst in Advance

This year’s New Year’s Eve party you plan to attend is unlikely to be your first or last. The chances are that you will be meeting your family and friends who may perhaps ask you to engage in drinking or drug use.

You need to formulate strategies in advance to handle the worst-case scenario. It could help if you write down all possible triggers you expect to face at the New Year’s Eve parties or events ahead of time.

If you can list your triggers, identify the source, and practice how you will confront them. It can be therapy in itself, besides helping you to maintain sobriety.

If you do not trust that you have what it takes to handle any trigger at the party, it would be best to have an exit strategy during new years. Go home when you think things are getting worse. Do not compromise your recovery just because you want to please your friends.

The best way to prepare for exiting the party is to have a cab on standby. You can also make use of ride-sharing apps to get home safely.

Learn More About Sober Events at Northern Illinois Recovery

New Year’s is a time to celebrate the new years’ arrival and appreciate the achievements made during the previous year. However, this joyous moment does not have to leave you fighting substance use disorders, which you may be trying hard to overcome. Use these ideas to enjoy a sober New Year’s Eve. Call Northern Illinois Recovery at 855.786.1978 to learn more about maintaining sobriety during the holidays.